Status: Emotionally Single/Emotionally Taken

I haven’t thought carefully about this in awhile but do I like anyone?

First of all, so what do I mean by ‘Emotionally Single’?

All it means is that there are no crushes, no love interests, no boo things who don’t know yet that they are your boo or even anyone you sorta kinda like. All of you is single. Mind, Body and Soul.

The hunger games have stopped and you are now at one with yourself.

You wake up in the morning not thinking about a special someone and you go to bed just the same. Your future Mr or Mrs is a mystery again and love stories are fantasy once more. A love song comes on and you don’t have anyone in mind.. it is just another love song. All that energy you spent trying to read in between his/her lines is now used for useful things like food and art, stories, exploring and food!

Everyday you are learning more about yourself, what you or dislike, who you need as a companion in this adventure called Life.

Singleness is a time for some serious soul searching and believe me it is a hard thing to do even if you have the evident physical status of being single but your emotional status is taken.

I think the first time in a long time I am emotionally single again.  My heart is presently vacant in terms of love and romance but it is definitely not up for rent just yet. And you know what it is fine and I am happy learning who I am, sorting through my problems and having God clear up this home that is my heart. I am not trying to place myself in a position of irresponsibly having love trip me over; nor am I building up walls so that I appear hard and difficult. I have left my heart with the one who made, owns and lives in it.

I was and still can be the girl who loves being in love. I love the butterflies and telling all my friends about him and getting closer. *plays Closer -Corinne Bailey Rae* lol

I mean who doesn’t like intimacy and affection.

But it has come to a time and after hard lessons learnt that

Character > Looks, Status or Talent.

I don’t want a chewing gum boy. I need a grounded God fearing man who will come correct. Will he has his flaws? Of course

But am I in a place to accept his flaws including mine?

I still have a way to go.

My taste in men and everything is still being refined and purified.

However as for now

I am happy being single. Mind, Body and Soul


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